Same left-wing media excoriating Bill O’Reilly over harassment claims was SILENT when Bill Clinton was accused of rape and assault by multiple women

The Left-wing media cabal squealed with glee when Fox News – after just resigning him last year – cut loose its golden calf, Bill O’Reilly, who dominated prime-time cable news for two decades amid reports and rumors that he sexually harassed several women.

The firing, which came last week, ended a remarkable 21-plus-year run at the network, which saw O’Reilly’s show, “The O’Reilly Factor,” extinguish all comers practically since it launched when Fox debuted in October 1996.

But as usual, because Leftists lack a hypocrisy gene, some of the same people who are delighted by O’Reilly’s demise were not only apologists for another serial harasser – former President Bill Clinton – they were ardent defenders. (RELATED: Does Alicia Machado know that Bill Clinton forced himself upon Miss Arkansas Elizabeth Ward Gracen… while Hillary covered it up?)

What’s more, Clinton has been accused of sexual assault and rape – so far, O’Reilly stands accused mostly of leering and making inappropriate comments and advances, no assault or rape charges – as well as lying to Congress about his tryst with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky, a lie that caused him to become only the second U.S. president in history to be impeached by the House of Representatives.

None of this hypocrisy has been lost on the myriad of known Clinton victims, including Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, all three women heavily criticized the Left-wing “mainstream” media for ignoring and dismissing them, while going all-in to cover the allegations surrounding the more conservative-leaning O’Reilly.

While all three of the women were clear on the point that they most certainly are not defending O’Reilly’s alleged behavior, they want Americans to realize the incredible double standard the media is employing when it comes to their serious allegations against the former president.

Broaddrick has accused Clinton of raping her – twice – in a hotel room in 1978. She told Breitbart News:

I have no idea whether the accusations against Bill O’Reilly are true or not but I would like to ask, “Where in the world were all these people when Bill Clinton’s victims came forward with more serious accusations?  Why is Bill Clinton given a pass over the other Bills?”  I would truly like to know because I will never understand it.

In October, prior to the Nov. 8 election in which Clinton’s wife, Hillary Clinton, was the Democratic Party nominee, Broaddrick recounted the alleged rapes to Breitbart News in an emotional interview, describing them as life-changing.

Willey, who has described the former president as a “predator” and “pervert,” contrasted the media’s lack of coverage and dismissal of Bill Clinton’s behavior.

“Though I should not be surprised, I am still astounded by the hypocrisy of the members of the Democratic Party and the media,” she said. “While the revelations of the many scandals of Bill Clinton’s administration are stunning to this day, the Left continues to ignore his many, many crimes such as rape, sexual harassment, and lying under oath.”

She noted further that Democrats and their propaganda wing – the media – swept Clinton’s transgressions away for several years, “only to refer to him as a ‘randy’ boy.

“There’s nothing ‘randy’ about him. He is a predator and a pervert.”

For her part, Jones accused The View of being extremely hypocritical by giving a friendly interview to O’Reilly accuser and former clerical worker for Fox News Perquita Burgess last week though some of the show’s same hosts regularly dismissed Jones and Clinton’s other victims.

At one point, she recalled that co-host Joy Behar had to apologize on the air after it appeared she referred to Clinton’s female accusers as “tramps.”

“I’m disgusted once again about how hypocritical the liberal media can be,” Jones said. “Those insane women on ‘The View’ have the nerve to actually show their feelings on this issue and not see the same resemblance only worse about their man, Bill Clinton. (RELATED: How many illegitimate children has Bill Clinton fathered? How many sexual assault victims has Hillary Clinton threatened into silence?)

“I can’t say that any of this is true with Bill O’Reilly and none of them can say it either,” she said, adding she can’t recall hearing anything about the former Fox News host raping “a lady” or showing “his tiny peeper to a lady either, like Bill Clinton has.”

For his part, O’Reilly – who returned to the public eye with his own podcast Monday – says the “truth will come out” about his alleged behavior.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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