Associated Press caught in massive, engineered pre-election LIE about guns and shootings

The Democratic Left, which includes the so-called “establishment media,” is pulling out all the stops in order to steal power away from POTUS Donald Trump and majority Republicans, including employing rampant dishonesty about gun violence.

As reported by WND, the Second Amendment Foundation says the country’s biggest newswire service, The Associated Press, is “blatantly electioneering” against firearms and, by default the Second Amendment, in the days prior to the 2018 midterms.

The usual AP anti-gun bias aside, the SAF said it “invariably seems to show up in headlines and news reports just prior to an election,” the organization said in a statement last week.

Noted SAF founder Alan M. Gottlieb, “We’ve got an important midterm election next week, and gun control versus gun rights is an important shadow issue because Democrats have already made it clear that guns will be on the agenda if they take control of Congress.”

Gottlieb also said that he wasn’t surprised at all that the AP distributed a piece headlined: “Guns send over 8,000 kids to ER each year, analysis says.”

Those are just the kinds of stories the newswire generally publishes before an election, as if to say, ‘Hey, don’t forget this key issue when you head to the polls.’

But as Gottlieb notes, guns “haven’t sent anybody anywhere.”

Rather, “careless people or criminals misusing guns are responsible,” he said, though of course the dishonest AP – like the rest of the establishment media – blame gun-related accidents and crimes on the inanimate object. (Related: Fake news media blaming Trump’s “violent rhetoric” for phony “bombs” though it is Dems who have actually called for violence.)

“The problem is that many people never read past the headline, and this sort of thing contributes to the public’s impression that bias drives such sensational headlines,” said Gottlieb.

And don’t think for one moment that the AP and the rest of the media aren’t well aware of that ‘first impression’ headline.

The bias is blatant

Gottlieb noted that in his home state of Washington there is “obvious media bias in some publications about a gun control initiative on the ballot.”

He said despite the fact that all five of the state’s biggest law enforcement groups are opposed to the measure, the Washington media have not emphasized their opposition and instead have reported that only a “handful of law enforcement groups” or “some law enforcement groups” are not in favor of it.

Meanwhile, the same media is over-hyping the positions of three people, including just one county sheriff, who have voiced their support for it.

The national media harp and complain “when anybody talks about ‘fake news,’ but this bias is exactly what people are talking about,” said Gottlieb, “and when it comes to gun issues, it’s blatant.”

The messaging from the media is meant to be subliminal, the SAF founder noted. The goal is to keep repeating, subtly, that ‘guns are bad’ and have that uppermost in the minds of voters as they head to the polls – a reminder that the issue should remain important as a political issue even if there aren’t any real ‘gun stories’ to report.

Consider the “analysis” study by the AP. How many Americans do you believe were really thinking about the number of children who are seen in emergency rooms every year because of gun-related injuries? One in a million? Fewer?

And the fact that the story was about “children” makes it even that much more of an emotional issue, doesn’t it?

The establishment media is not “the free press” our founders envisioned. It is nothing more than the Leftist Democratic Party’s propaganda wing.

“It’s deplorable and dishonest, but it exemplifies why people no longer trust the media,” Gottlieb noted.

“The public is not as dumb as the press thinks, and the proof is shrinking newspaper circulation and declining ratings. The press needs credibility, but on the gun issue, that was sacrificed a long time ago.”

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