Hillary Clinton said to be negotiating with discredited former British spy for SECOND “dossier” said to involve Trump’s romances with Russian women

Despite the controversy over the first so-called “Trump dossier,” two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appears set to double down with the purchase of yet another one that will most likely also be filled with salacious, sexual allegations against President Donald J. Trump that can’t be substantiated.

Clinton, whose presidential campaign along with the Democratic National Committee she controlled last year paid for the first dossier, has been in secret negotiations with ex-British spy Christopher Steele for the second document. Steele was the one who wrote the first dossier, which was filled with as-yet-unsubstantiated sexual, salacious claims along with the accusation that the Trump campaign “colluded” with Russia to “steal the election” from Clinton, author Ed Kline writes in the UK’s Daily Mail.

Kline, the author of “Guilty As Sin,” a tell-all book of Clinton corruption, said that the second dossier also contains “salacious new charges” against Trump, citing a number of sources familiar with it.

“The talks with Steele…are being carried out by Hillary’s former campaign aides, who do not hide their bitterness over the shocking loss of the White House” to Trump, Klein wrote.

One longtime Clinton advisor allegedly said, “Hillary’s people have been secretly in touch with Steele and are close to making a deal with him on opposition research that he claims has newly surfaced from his Russian sources.”

The advisor noted further that Steele hadn’t included the information in the first dossier because it had not yet become available.

Klein writes further:

As I reported in my new book, All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump, the first 35-page Steele dossier ‘contained sensational charges that the Russian Federal Security Service had ‘kompromat,’ or compromising information, on Trump that could be used to blackmail him.

That now-discredited dossier claimed that Trump had sex with Russian prostitutes while in Moscow some years ago.

He noted that the publicity generated by the first dossier and “the dubious claims of a $12 million payout” have brought “shady characters” from Russia “out of the woodwork” who are merely looking for a huge payday.

“There are many wealthy people in the anti-Trump ‘resistance’ who are more than willing to put up whatever money is necessary to get this new information,” a member of Hillary’s inner circle told the author.

The two-time failed Democratic contender told her president husband, Bill Clinton, that once she gets the second dossier, she’ll release it to friendly media — much in the way the first dossier was discovered.

“She’s convinced that Trump made business deals with Russians with ties to the Kremlin in return for a promise to offer the Russians favorable trade conditions,” one source privy to her conversation with Bill said.

“Hillary has said that she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure Trump’s ‘illegitimate presidency,’ as she constantly refers to it among friends and campaign associates, ends in ashes,” said the source. (Related: Russian dossier investigators suspect reporters were paid to spread fake collusion narrative.)

“She says that there are many additional pages of intelligence on Trump and his ties with the Russians. As soon as the negotiations with Steele are complete and she gets the [second] dossier, she’s going to double down and release all the new material,” the source continued.

Think about this obsessive behavior for a moment; this woman actually thinks she should be president. How could she ever question Trump’s mental capacity again?

Sources also told Kline that Hillary is “completely unrepentant” about paying for the first dossier and apparently didn’t care whether it was true or not — just that it ‘sounded’ true and that it got released before the election.

“Bill is horrified about all this,” a close legal advisor to the former president said. “He thinks this will blow up in Hillary’s face once the charges in the second dossier prove to be as false as the charges in the first dossier.”

The advisor also said the former president is concerned that his wife could be called to testify before a congressional committee under oath about where she obtained the second dossier.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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