Unhinged Democrats now fixated on President Trump’s body weight, but they never cared about Obama’s counterfeit birth certificate

Left-wing propaganda outlets like CNN just can’t get over the fact that President Donald Trump is actually pretty darn healthy for a 71-year-old man and doesn’t have dementia as they had clearly hoped. So they’ve now taken up a new obsession over the president’s weight, which movie director James Gunn is now offering a $100,000 cash reward to see disproven.

Gunn, who wrote the scripts for the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, apparently doesn’t believe that the Commander-in-Chief actually weighs 239 pounds as the official White House physician recently announced. So he’s offering to hand over a cool $100k to the president’s favorite charity if he will agree to be weighed again using a different scale.

“I will give 100 thousand dollars to Trump’s favorite charity if he will step on an accurate scale with an impartial medical professional, okayed by both of us,” Gunn wrote in a recent tweet, adding the words “For real” at the end – you know, just to be sure that his followers were clear that his ridiculously petty little challenge wasn’t disregarded as a joke.

But Gunn didn’t stop there. He later tweeted a picture of Major League Baseball (MLB) player Albert Pujols, from the Los Angeles Angels, next to a photo of President Trump holding a golf club. Pujols is roughly the same height as the president and weighs just one pound more than what the president clocked in at during his first annual physical – even though Mr. Trump appears visibly larger in his photo than Pujols.

“Trump’s medical exam says he’s 6’3″ and 239 pounds,” Gunn tweeted, apparently having nothing more pressing to focus on in his life. “Albert Pujols is 6’3″ and 240 pounds. If the dementia tests are equally accurate, we are doomed,” Gunn added, insinuating that President Trump somehow conspired with Dr. Ronny Jackson – who was appointed to his post by Barack Obama, by the way – to lie about his true weight (and about his mental health).

James Gunn apparently never learned in school that muscle weighs more per volume than fat

He may successful at penning dialogue for Hollywood actors, but James Gunn obviously missed learning basic grade school science, based on his inane commentary. If Gunn had actually paid attention in class way back when, then he would know that muscle mass weighs substantially more per volume than fat tissue, which would explain why a fit Albert Pujols weighs roughly the same as a not-so-fit Donald Trump.

Put another way, a pound of muscle would appear noticeably smaller than a pound of fat if you were to place them side-by-side, this due to the fact that muscle is more compact than fat. It’s a lot like a pound of bricks versus a pound of feathers – the latter of which would take up far more space than the brick.

It’s unfortunate that people like Gunn are too stupid to realize this. It’s also quite sad that he and many other anti-Trump critics were completely silent when it was revealed that Barack Obama’s electronic birth certificate had obviously been forged. Not only did the mainstream media refuse to take that far more pressing issue about the eligibility of President number 44 seriously, but it actually mocked those who dared to bring it up, claiming at the time that it was a manufactured “conspiracy theory.”

The irony here is that, with the exception of perhaps losing a few pounds (which he plans to do with the help of the First Lady), President Trump is exponentially healthier than failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – who we can only assume was James Gunn’s choice for president – who was seen prior to the election collapsing curbside as she awaited entry into her infamous black “Scooby Van.”

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