How the fake news media demonizes and attacks all those concerned about the damaging side effects of vaccines on children

There are a number of different techniques and methods that the fake news media uses to attack and demonize those who are concerned with the harmful side effects of vaccinations. Some of these methods were outlined in a recent article published by The World Mercury Project titled “Journalists ‘Shots’ Sometimes Miss Their Mark.”

Casting Blame

If name-calling and blame-casting is the fire, then the mainstream media is the gasoline that gets poured on top of it. As noted, in the state of Texas, headlines often include the phrase “anti-vaccine” to describe organizations like Texans for Vaccine Choice, a group that mostly consists of parents of children who chose to vaccinate their kids and were forced to suffer horrific medical consequences. Their goal is to fight against the idea of mandatory vaccinations in hopes that they can prevent other children from suffering from adverse reactions. By constantly labeling a group like this as “anti-vaccine,” the fake news media is clearly trying to paint those who are concerned about vaccinations as out of touch with reality and detached from the science community.

Physician Incentives 

It’s a known fact that manufacturers pay doctors not only to promote opioids, but vaccinations as well. In 2014 alone, for example, the pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur recorded that an astonishing $1,209,030 was paid to pediatricians to promote vaccines. Two years later, in 2016, OBGYN Miriam Cremer openly voiced her support for a country-wide mandate of Gardasil vaccine for all 11 and 12-year-old boys and girls. Conveniently, Cremer never acknowledged the fact that she had gotten $9,500 from Merck just one year prior to promote Gardasil. Incentives like these occur all the time, and unfortunately, many of them go unreported. (Related: Here are ten outrageous but true facts about vaccines that the CDC and the vaccine industry don’t want you to know.)

The Long Arm of Pharma

So powerful and influential are the pharmaceutical manufacturers that they often create phony “patient advocacy groups” and fake “grassroots groups” in order to generate increased demand for vaccines. The non-profit health advocacy organization “Every Child By Two,” for instance, has its marketing activities sponsored by the vaccine manufacturer Wyeth. Similarly, the group “Voices For Vaccines” claims that it is parent-led, but is really a project of the Task Force’s immunization advocacy and education program, which is largely funded by vaccine manufacturers like Merck, Pfizer and GSK.

The fact that the fake news media constantly seeks to ridicule and attack those who are concerned about vaccinations is shameful. Truthfully, Americans should be concerned, because the fact of the matter is that vaccines often do result in harmful medical consequences. This reality has been reported on countless times by Natural News, and the facts speak for themselves.

Back in January, for example, Mike Adams published a piece exposing the vaccine industry, which he argued is now in “panic mode” due to the fact that children keep dying from the flu all across the country. “This year’s flu has reportedly killed 44,116 people, according to the CDC,” Adams wrote. “The number of children so far killed by this year’s flu is 37, say CDC statistics. The flu vaccine, widely touted by the clueless media as being some sort of magical ‘bulletproof vest’ against influenza infections, is approaching zero effectiveness.”

The Health Ranger went on to note, “A 4,250% increase in fetal deaths was documented following the mercury-laced flu vaccination sweep of 2009-2010. Furthermore, Natural News has irrefutably proven that flu shots still contain mercury,” even though the vaccine industry claims otherwise.

The media may lie and attack those who are concerned about the vaccine industry and vaccinations themselves, but these individuals should rest assured knowing that truth is on their side.

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