NYT attacks “right-wing conspiracy theory” then issues whopping correction, confirming it was true all along

The American Pravda media has lost whatever remaining credibility it had left in the era of President Donald J. Trump, having long ago abandoned any semblance of journalist integrity in their daily effort to besmirch and smear his supporters.

The latest self-inflicted casualty of credibility is a returning champion — The New York Times, which was forced to issue a massive correction after publishing a false statement in an article about fake news.

No, those aren’t typos. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

As noted by The Daily Sheeple, the Times published a story about Facebook’s head of news partnerships, former NBC News and CNN infobabe Campbell Brown in which Times correspondent Nellie Bowles wrote originally that news about the Palestinian Authority paying rewards to the families of jihadists who are killed while battling Israel was “an example of the sort of far-right conspiracy theories that have plagued Facebook.”

The article is quintessential New York Times in the Trump Age: Dripping with condescension towards Campbell (who has dared to lean Right since leaving the Left-wing media plantation) whilst casting aspersions at Facebook for allowing Cambridge Analytica, a political analytics firm, to do the same thing for the Trump campaign as the social media giant did for Barack Obama’s reelection bid (only Obama’s people got double what Trump’s did, and Facebook knew about it). 

So, about that “right-wing conspiracy theory” regarding Palestinian Authority payments to ‘martyrs’ of the perpetual war against Israel? 

Yeah, that’s true. Most everyone who covers foreign policy and especially Middle East foreign policy has long known that. And it wasn’t as though Bowles didn’t have access to a Times reporter whose beat is the Middle East in order to find out if the “conspiracy theory” was true. (Related: Hate, abuse and fake news: Zuckerberg admits Facebook is broken and contributes to an “anxious and divided” world, says he plans to fix it in 2018.)

The false accusation was eventually corrected and the story was rewritten and reposted with this correction: 

An earlier version of this article erroneously included a reference to Palestinian actions as an example of the sort of far-right conspiracy stories that have plagued Facebook. In fact, Palestinian officials have acknowledged providing payments to the families of Palestinians killed while carrying out attacks on Israelis or convicted of terrorist acts and imprisoned in Israel; that is not a conspiracy theory.

No, it’s not. But in the Times’ rush to smear conservatives and especially conservatives who support our president, facts — and fact-checking — take a backseat to Alt-Left political advocacy.

The ignorance did not go unnoticed. 

“Amazing. Basically all NYT stories on Israel and Judaism are incomplete until the correction is posted,” tweeted Seth Mandel, the Op-Ed editor for the rival New York Post. 

“Wow. This NYT correction. It’s attached to a story about Facebook’s Campbell Brown and the problem of “far-right [conspiracies]” on social media,” noted T. Becket Adams, who writes for the Washington Examiner. 

“Interestingly enough, the story uses ‘far-right conspiracy’ interchangeably with ‘fake news.’ There is no effort to explain the problem plagues both sides, and that left-wing conspiracies are definitely a thing. The way the report tells it, ‘fake news’ is uniquely right-wing,” he added.

It’s not that the Times is a legacy member of the American Pravda media. And it’s not that the Times is quickly becoming a laughingstock among a sizable portion of the American population (one could even argue the majority of Americans). 

It’s that with each new day of Trump/conservative hatred combined with fake news story after fake news story, the Times and the rest of the establishment media are becoming less and less credible.

A free country without a press that is both prominent and trustworthy will not long remain that way.

See more fake news coverage at NewsFakes.com.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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