Lying left-wing media in total PANIC as deep state conspiracy against Trump unravels

The lying left-wing media is in a total panic over the collapse of the Russia collusion narrative. Even worse (for them), the media has been complicit in the conspiracy to overthrow the election and fraudulently frame President Trump for totally made-up “crimes” that never happened.

Now, the entire house of cards is unraveling by the day, and the complicit left-wing media — which is really just the propaganda wing of an organized crime operation known as “the Democratic party” — is in a complete meltdown.

That’s because several left-wing operatives who are pretending to be “journalists” are likely going to be indicted for treason. And many deep state actors — such as John Brennan and possibly even Obama himself — are going down with them.

Here, I’m posting three podcasts that bring you a wealth of details on this exploding story: the most outrageous political scandal in the history of our nation. (No wonder the lying left-wing media is desperately trying to pretend this isn’t happening…)

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