Nolte: Associated Press becomes fake news factory with immigration lies

The far-left Associated Press has published two wildly misleading articles over the last two weeks in order to level false accusations against the Trump administration regarding immigration policy.

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Last week, in a widely circulated story, the AP reported, “U.S. Army reservists and recruits who enlisted in the military with a promised path to citizenship are being abruptly discharged” by the Trump administration.

The fake news in this report is the sensationalizing of a longstanding policy in the military that pre-dates Trump. By reporting old news as breaking news, by reporting the continuation of policies practiced by the Obama administration as new Trump policies, the AP obviously hopes to mislead readers into believing Trump is targeting American military personnel simply because they are immigrants.

To begin with, the AP’s false report uses the word “discharged” to make it sound as though active-duty members of the military are being kicked out by a racist president who despises immigrants (even though he is married to one).

The truth is that these recruits were turned away only after they failed a standard background check, and they were never formally enlisted.

As Breitbart News reported last week, while some of these recruits “might have signed an enlistment contract, taken an oath, begun drilling with their units, and started receiving military pay” there is no formal enlistment into the military until the security screening is completed.

What’s more, none of the immigrants the AP claims have been “discharged” had even gone to basic training.

Basically, the only thing happening here is that the military is turning away people who have failed background checks. That is a good thing. None of this is ever made clear in the AP report.

Two weeks ago, this very same AP dropped another fake news  bombshell titled, “Governor orders probe of abuse claims by immigrant children.”

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