Media monopolists bury the fact that Toronto’s mass shooter was a fan of ISIS websites

In the mainstream media’s reporting of the recent mass shooting in Toronto, Canada, many news outlets conveniently left out a little factoid that offers keen insight into the alleged shooter’s motives: the fact that he reportedly frequented ISIS propaganda websites prior to launching his attack.

According to independent reports, the individual, Faisal Hussein, who is said to have murdered two people and wounded 13 others during the melee, not only visited the website of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), but also expressed support for the terrorist group’s activities. was the first to break the story on this, claiming that a law enforcement official presented the information after Canadian authorities denied that the shooting had any connection to terrorism. But almost no American media outlets decided to report on it, including ABC‘s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News, neither of which reported on the shooting, period.

While one would expect this to have been a groundbreaking lead suggesting a motive – it normally would also have been something that the media would have wanted to jump all over in getting the scoop. But because it’s politically incorrect to identify perpetrators of crime as Muslim, there was dead silence in corporate media rooms all across the country.

While there was apparently “no indication that Hussein was directed by ISIS to carry out the attack,” according to, there’s an ongoing investigation, according to the law enforcement source, as to whether or not Hussein at one time lived in Afghanistan or possibly Pakistan.

Even if he wasn’t directly instructed by ISIS to carry out the attack, the group still could have motivated him, the source added. Hussein’s family also adamantly expressed that he “suffered from psychosis and depression for years,” both of which may have also played a role in triggering him to go on a shooting rampage.

But most of the media continues to perpetrate silence on the matter, and Toronto Police Chief, Mark Saunders, is also continuing to deny that Hussein had any motivation linked to ISIS.

“We do not know why this has happened yet,” he stated, adding that, “it’s going to take some time.”

Even, which broke the story, only gave it a mere 19 seconds of airtime. CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor reported on the official Canadian narrative that Hussein was not motivated by “terrorism,” while quickly adding that Hussein did, in fact, visit ISIS websites prior to the attack. After rattling off a few other quick facts, Glor moved on to the next story.

Keep in mind that CBS, ABC, and many others seem to have no problem speculating about “Russian collusion” as it pertains to President Trump, even though there’s still no solid evidence to suggest any wrongdoing (and plenty to suggest that this is all nothing more than a petulant witch hunt).

“The silence by ABC‘s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News was very telling,” writes Nicholas Fondacaro for

“These outlets normally rush to push whatever speculation gets published by their liberal cohorts when it has to do with some kind of Trump/Russia conspiracy theory. Instead of reporting on the possible motive of a mass shooter, ABC and NBC hyped the Mega Millions lotto jackpot reaching $512 million. Priorities.”

Meanwhile, Canadian news outlet is is reporting that there’s “no evidence” at all to suggest a link between Hussein and ISIS – even after ISIS apparently claimed in an online post that it was “responsible” for the attack.

“At this stage, we have no evidence to support these claims,” Chief Saunders stated. “We will continue to explore every investigative avenue including interviewing those who knew Mr. Hussein, reviewing his online activity, and looking into his experiences with mental health.”

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