NYT editorial board member goes on racist rampage: White people “only fit to live underground like groveling goblins”

Ever heard of Sarah Jeong? She’s one of the latest “hipster” hires by The New York Times (NYT), and an unabashed racist who hates people with white skin. But that certainly didn’t stop the failing, left-leaning, fake news media outlet known as the NYT from hiring her to its editorial board.

Jeong, a young Asian woman who lives in Portland, Oregon, is currently a senior writer at The Verge, a technology news outlet run by Vox that also sometimes covers issues related to politics. Jeong’s Twitter page explains that she will soon be joining the NYT as well to cover issues relating to the internet, technology, law, “and stuff.”

But is seems Jeong openly and proudly hates a large swath of the NYT’s readership demographic: white people, and specifically white men. Over the years, Jeong has angrily tweeted about how “white men are bull****,” and how she can’t stand watching many television shows because of how many white people they have in them.

In one instance, Jeong tweeted the blatantly racist hashtag, “#CancelWhitePeople.” On another occasion, she joked about how, because white people tend to get sunburned more easily than people with darker skin, that they’re only “fit to live underground like groveling goblins.”

Yet another one of Jeong’s tweets that contains extreme vulgarity unsuitable for this article complains that white people are “marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on a fire hydrant.” And in yet another particularly hateful tweet, Jeong fessed up that she gets a kick out of abusing white elderly people.

“Oh man (sic) it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men,” Jeong tweeted.

NYT says it fully supports Jeong; implies white people compelled her to tweet racist, anti-white commentary

Rather than condemn Jeong’s deplorably racist behavior on Twitter – which, were she a conservative who said such things about non-white people would have been immediately fired and had her career ended – liberals are instead defending her as they falsely accuse the “far right” of instigating Jeong’s racist tweets.

The almost all-female, all-liberal HuffPost rag was quick to paint Jeong as the victim, here, with one of its writers, Lydia Polgreen, tweeting about how this “attack” on Jeong “is part of a deeply troubling trend of far right agitators trying to get journalists fired.”

Polgreen was quickly ripped to shreds by people with working brains who called her out for her “abject stupidity” – not to mention the fact that Jeong has an extensive history of anti-white racism completely separate from any alleged “counter-trolling” she admits to doing on social media in her defense.

And it isn’t just HuffPost that sees absolutely nothing wrong with Jeong’s anti-white racism. Jeong’s new employer, the NYT, apparently feels the exact same way.

In a recent statement, the liberal rag tried to claim that Jeong’s racism was merely her responding to “harassment” that she apparently receives online. In other words, it’s online trolling’s fault that Jeong is a flagrant and unashamed racist – and the public should simply shut up and accept this because Jeong does “exceptional work,” to quote the NYT statement.

“If the New York Times is interested in some kind of edgy re-branding by hiring a person who spews vile, anti-white bigotry, good for them, I suppose. It’s their right. It’s their company,” wrote Larry O’Connor in an op-ed for The Washington Times, adding that it might be high time for a massive NYT boycott.

“But, let’s not forget that the politically correct culture we live in that makes any kind of dangerous or provocative commentary verboten and worthy of advertiser boycotts was created by Ms. Jeong’s new colleagues on the New York Times editorial board. These are their rules, not the rules of libertarian-minded conservatives.”

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