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Russia, Russia, Russia! This is the Jan Brady-sounding chant and premiere deflection tactic of Democrats and other Trump-haters whenever some new truth “bomb” hits independent headlines. And none other than the mainstream media is to blame for constantly perpetuating it – this troupe of propaganda-spreaders having earned the title of “presstitutes” by the esteemed Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

In one of its latest installments at, the “Sovereignty International” channel discusses how the mainstream media apparatus in the United States has leapt so far off the deep end in terms of spreading propaganda and fake news that it’s become worse even than what passed as “news” in the days of Nazi Germany.

The channel points to several recent pieces by Dr. Roberts that reveal how the American corporate media routinely lies to the public about what’s going on in the world, almost always in the interest of propping up the military-industrial complex, or what has become more popularly known as the “deep state.”

“Did you know that all the trouble in Syria is due to the Russians and Assad? The US has no blame whatsoever,” Dr. Roberts wrote facetiously in a 2016 piece he wrote entitled, “Presstitutes At Work.”

“The US is trying to fight ISIS (which the US created, aids and abets), but the evil Russians and Assad are fighting the innocent ‘democratic rebels’ who are trying to bring democracy to Syria as a replacement for a ‘brutal dictator’ (elected by a large majority vote). The Russians are also bombing schools and hospitals, ‘collateral damage’ when the US does it but war crimes when the Russians are accused of doing it.”

What Dr. Roberts is referring to, of course, is the American media’s extensive track record of demonizing Russia, which these days is actually, in reality, more aligned with America as it existed at its founding than with the leftist agenda of today that pushes open borders, LGBT perversion, pedophilia, and other anti-American wickedness in the name of progress.

“Despite nonexistent Iraqi ‘weapons of mass destruction,’ nonexistent Iranian nukes, and nonexistent use of chemical weapons by Assad ‘against his own people,’ the talking heads continue to accept without question whatever the US government says.”

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Both Democrats AND REPUBLICANS are behind corporate media lies

Lest some of our readers forget, it’s not just the Left that’s responsible for spreading lies via the media. Both Democrats and Republicans, at least in their establishment form, are responsible for keeping the “corporate media and communications giants,” as John Nichols and Robert McChesney refer to them, funded and in operation.

Keep in mind that many establishment Republicans have been just as traitorous as establishment Democrats in terms of how they’ve responded to the Donald Trump presidency. Many of them were and are staunch “never-Trumpers,” and many of them continue to perpetuate the “Russian collusion” conspiracy theory in an attempt to take down our lawfully-elected president.

These political whores are just as bad as the presstitutes that continue to drive a left-right wedge between the American people as they spread conspiracy theories about President Trump that are completely fabricated and have no basis in reality.

“Donald Trump is getting so much flack because he’s not in the pay,” explains Sovereignty International.

“They’re trumpeting the party line; it’s propaganda, people,” the channel adds about the true nature of the mainstream media. “Anybody that believes the mainstream media is independent and that it does not have an agenda is being delusional.”

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