Lester Holt “word salad” satire video shows the horrifying dishonesty of journalism’s “selective editing”

On August 15, 2018, Lester Holt falsely claimed Alex Jones called for people to use battle rifles to attack journalists. He did this by playing “word game salad” with different words that Alex Jones had said at different times as part of a 20+ minute video. Lester Holt dishonestly recombined those words into a whole new fake sentence, then claimed that’s what Alex actually said.

According to Holt and NBC News, Alex Jones is now calling for people to grab their “battle rifles” and attack journalists in deadly shootings. But if we apply the same dishonest editing to Lester Holt’s own words, it turns out that Holt himself admits to some pretty outrageous “pedo” behavior involving young children.

At least, that’s what you get when you slice and dice Holt’s own words in the way he does with Alex Jones. The following video from Counterthink.com showcases the hilarious result of deliberately dishonest editing… the very same kind of editing the corporate-run media carries out every day against people like Donald Trump and Alex Jones:


This video, if it were posted to YouTube, would be almost instantly banned for “hate speech.” That’s why we need alternative platforms like Brighteon.com, where you can create your own video channel for free.

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