WATCH at as persecuted UK journalist Tommy Robinson is released from prison

Independent journalist Tommy Robinson has been released from prison on bail after being unjustly persecuted for his brave work in exposing the truth.

Watch at as Tommy walks away from his captivity and into a barrage of mainstream journalists who bombard him with questions.

“The crowd was small, but committed and overjoyed,” the narrator of this video clip explains.

“For weeks, they’ve campaigned for this, and today the man they backed was released from prison. Steven Yaxley Lennon, more commonly known as Tommy Robinson, walked out … with little to say to the journalists waiting.”

So just what did Tommy say to them?

“Why would I have anything to say to you?” he’s seen asking the journalists waiting for him outside the prison. “All you do is lie.”

Fake news media complicit in Tommy Robinson’s persecution at the hands of the state

It’s language like this that landed Tommy in the slammer in the first place. According to reports, he was declared to have been in contempt of court back in May for filming a court case involving Muslim rapists.

As we reported back in may, Tommy was arrested and jailed “under a Soviet-style secret order from the U.K. government.” And the mainstream media was, of course, nowhere to be found in reporting on Tommy’s plight.

The good news is that Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett recently declared Tommy’s conviction, in so many words, to be invalid. But that wasn’t before Tommy went from arrest, to trial, to prison in a matter of just five short hours – all with no mainstream media reporting on what was taking place.

What’s happening to Tommy Robinson is why we NEED independent, uncensored media

These recent developments in Tommy’s favor are due, at least in part, to the independent media’s continued shining of the spotlight on the case, keeping it in view of those who care about justice. This grassroots efforts has helped Tommy to see at least some justice at the hands of the politically-correct state.

Lord Burnett’s ruling represents a light at the end of the tunnel for Tommy. In his written judgment, he declared that the speed with which the original conviction was made “gave rise to unfairness,” adding that there was a “lack of clarity” as to the evidence being presented against Tommy.

This same judgment emphasizes that the original judge should have resisted “the temptation” to rule on Tommy’s behavior in a moment’s notice, seeing as how Tommy had already agreed to remove the video footage in question from Facebook.

The “urgency went out of the matter,” Lord Burnett declared, adding that the case should have been instead referred to the Attorney General to handle from that point on.

It’s a positive development, but one that came after Tommy had already served about 13 months in prison. This is time that he can’t get back, and time that his supporters also afforded in their continued efforts of protest to see him released from prison.

If it weren’t for media sources like Breitbart that were brave enough to report on the matter, Tommy may have ended up serving a whole lot more time in prison. Even so, he’s not yet in the free and clear, and more work still needs to be done in his defense – something to which Natural News also fully intends to lend our continued support.

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