Top 10 TRUTH topics you never hear or see on lame-stream “MSM” media

Since CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, and the Washington Post are all funded and controlled by Big Pharma and Big Food, they are forbidden from publishing and broadcasting the truth about several massively important topics. The same goes for most major newspapers in this country, and most of the popular websites.

What’s worse is that Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Instagram are also controlled by the same elite forces that run the MSM (mainstream media), so you will never, ever see or hear the truth published about the topics that have the greatest bearing on your health and safety.

In fact, you will hear and see exactly the opposite of the truth published and broadcast by these globalist corporate “biotech” and “tech” giants who care about only three things: controlling you, fueling your sickness, and keeping you in the dark.

The new extreme Left (Democratic Death Cult) wants complete control and they want it now. They want to impeach Trump. They want to take away every American’s guns. They are already limiting free speech and free press, while impeding on religious freedoms, all while the court’s judges are stacked in favor of liberal legislation and decisions.

Your rights as an American are quickly and purposely being eroded away, never to return, unless you act now. The Republic will fall if we don’t all ban together and fight for clean food, unadulterated drinking water, natural medicine, patrolled borders, and the right to defend yourself with legal weapons, as declared in the U.S. Constitution.

Here are the top 10 truth topics BANNED or BLACKLISTED by fake news MSM and all social media:

1. Organic food (including all organic produce) is healthier than conventional, processed, and genetically modified

Today, if food is not organic, that means it most likely contains several of the following: cancer-causing pesticides, chemical agents, industrial petroleum-based food dyes, artificial flavoring, carcinogenic additives and preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, fluoride, glyphosate, bleach, monosodium glutamate, nitrates, and aspartame.

2. Vaccines can cause severe injuries, central nervous system dysfunction, auto-immune disorder, death, and spread (via shedding) of infectious diseases shortly after injection

The secretive vaccine court has already doled out over $4 billion in compensation to adults, teens, children, and babies that have been injured by the violent neurotoxins that are dangerously mixed into immunizations. Most of the $4 billion has been paid out to people injured, maimed, or killed by the flu shot.

3. Many illegal immigrants crossing the U.S. southern border have communicable diseases and are infected with dangerous parasites

The Democrats are in complete denial that illegal immigration is completely different than legal immigration. Illegal immigrants are not vetted at all for violent histories, infectious diseases, parasites, or pathogens. The very infectious diseases most pro-vaccine fanatics are paranoid about are being spread in masse by illegal immigrants across America. Oh, the irony. You’ll never hear or see MSM coverage of diseased illegal immigrants, and there are plenty of them. Plus, you never ever see any MSM coverage when an American citizen is raped, robbed, or killed by an illegal immigrant. Total news blackout.

4. Any news about an American who has a legal carry weapon and stops a mass shooting event by shooting the armed criminal will not be covered

The Democrat’s goal to confiscate not only all automatic and semi-automatic weapons from all Americans, but ALL guns, is obvious in the fact that no MSM outlet ever covers when a legal carry is used to stave off a mass shooting, and it happens all the time.

5. Most mass shooting events are perpetrated by someone who has been prescribed and is taking SSRI psyche drugs (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors) for anxiety or depression (or both)

There are plenty of Americans, unfortunately, suffering from mental illness, but time and time again, we see those who are medicated with SSRI drugs become so violent and disturbed that they commit homicide and then suicide. It’s time to blame the drugs instead of the guns, and petition for “prescription drug control” and SSRI confiscation.

6. Nearly all cases of cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, strokes, diabetes II, and dementia are preventable and curable, and are not inherited from our parent’s or grandparent’s genes

The first thing every U.S. medical doctor asks their patients is which diseases and disorders “run in the family.” That’s so you won’t ever look into food choices and natural remedies for answers to your preventable and curable health woes. Folks, there’s a natural CURE for every ailment on planet Earth – you just got to know where to look. First, check out a plant-based diet consisting of mostly raw, organic fruits and vegetables.

7. Childhood vaccines STILL contain high doses of mercury, including the flu shot that’s recommended for pregnant women and 6-month-young infants

It’s a scientific fact that’s also admitted by the CDC and published on their vaccine ingredient web page that flu shots STILL contain mercury (listed as thimerosal, which is 50 percent mercury) and are recommended for the smallest of children, including those in the womb. No amount of mercury is safe to eat, drink, or especially inject into muscle tissue, which bypasses the blood-brain barrier.

8. The fluoride in tap water is not the kind that helps your teeth, but rather the kind that causes cancer, brittle bones, and lowering of IQ

Take some industrial waste from the phosphate industry in China that doubles as insecticide, mislabel it, ship it to the USA, and drip it into tap water, then tell Americans it’s good for their teeth, then wait. They’ll all be heading to the doctors a few years later, suffering from cancer, bone fractures, and permanent brain fog.

9. Canola oil is the WORST food oil for your health, as it coagulates in the blood and causes weight gain, memory loss, and long-term dementia

Also known by the health industry as rapeseed oil, canola oil is just a “watered down” version of a poisonous and genetically engineered crop that causes heart disease, cancer, and dementia. Wait, you heard it was “heart healthy?” You must be watching TV or reading MSM magazines again. Even organic canola and “expeller pressed” canola are toxic to the human body. The slogan should be “Heart Damaging Canola.”

10. Chemotherapy has only a 3 percent success rate at beating cancer, while fueling the development of NEW cancer cells throughout the body

There is no WORSE choice you can make once diagnosed with cancer than to bombard your blood and digestive tract with more chemicals, especially since cancer’s leading cause is chemicals to begin with. Who told you chemotherapy is mainstream? That must be the oncologists who make seven figures administering a “medicine” that fails 97 percent of the time, and that which they would NEVER give to their own relatives or themselves.

Tune into for great ways to avoid and cure the “C” (mutation of cells) epidemic without consuming or injecting more chemicals. Use your brain and truth media from now on.

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