Is the Washington Post protecting Robert Mueller by deleting an article about a witness being a pedophile?

Last month The Washington Post, whose reporters and editors would love to convince you they’re not biased against President Donald J. Trump nor traffickers in fake news, published a story from The Associated Press documenting the fact that a witness who is supposedly cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller’s wide-ranging probe of Team Trump is a convicted pedophile.

But without explanation and certainly without fanfare, the paper has now deleted the article. 

The report, headlined, “Nader, Mueller’s latest cooperator, a convicted pedophile,” was posted to the paper’s website on March 15. As reported by The Daily Wire, it documented George Nader’s “15-year-old pedophilia conviction in Europe that has not been previously reported.”

But at some point, since the article first appeared on the WaPo site, it was taken down (but you can view an archive of it here). The link to the original post now leads to an error page.

Regarding the crux of Nader’s charges, AP noted:

Nader was convicted by Prague’s Municipal Court of 10 cases of sexually abusing minors and sentenced to a one-year prison term in May 2003, said Marketa Puci, the court spokeswoman. She said the crimes occurred between 1999 and 2002…

…In one case, Nader requested oral sex from a 14-year-old in a room at the Hilton Hotel in Prague, Puci said. After the boy refused, Nader masturbated in front of the boy and paid him 2,000 koruna — worth about $100 today, she said.

The verdict cites other examples of Nader providing money, jewelry, cellphones, clothes and accommodation for sexual services. The AP was able to see a copy of the verdict, which gives Nader’s birthdate as May 15, 1959. Nader was separately accused in Washington, D.C., of child pornography infractions in 1985, but those charges were later dropped. A criminal docket sheet obtained by the AP shows the same birthdate for Nader.

The AP also reported on how Mueller stopped Nader, listed in the report as an “international fixer,” as he transited through Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C. The AP reported further that Nader’s electronic devices were taken from him and that at a later time he agreed to cooperate with Mueller’s never-ending, always expanding investigation (which has been improper from the outset since no crimes on behalf of his initial targets — the Trump campaign team — were alleged when Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller).

Sources who spoke to the AP have said Mueller is focusing on high-level meetings involving Nader following the 2016 election. That suggests that his interest has nothing at all to do with the allegation of “collusion” between Team Trump and Mother Russia, a charge that appears more baseless and ridiculous by the day as tensions rise with Moscow and U.S.-NATO-Russia relations sink to their lowest point since the Cold War.

But that was what Mueller’s probe was supposed to be about in the first place, though we’ve since learned that Rosenstein gave Mueller a mandate to investigate anything he wants (as long as it never involves real Russian “collusion” — which occurred between Moscow operatives, the Democratic National Committee, and the Hillary Clinton campaign).

Beyond that, for what purpose did the Post to delete its story, especially since The Associated Press is a global wire service and the story got picked up nearly everywhere?

There’s only one reason that comes to my mind, and that’s this: The Post doesn’t want to be seen doing anything to harm Mueller’s credibility (which, to tens of millions of Americans, is already shot). The editors who run that paper are so completely wedded to the destruction of a duly-elected president they have no problem tossing out their journalistic ethics and integrity to accomplish that mission.

It’s pathetic, it’s disgusting, and it’s not at all what founders envisioned a free press would do, which is to hold everyone in power to account, not just disfavored politicians.

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