WaPo reporter who tried to get GoFundMe page for border wall taken down proves “mainstream” media hates America

Once upon a time, nearly all Americans could agree that border security and territorial integrity were integral both to public safety and the rule of law. The U.S., after all, was no different from any other country: We, too, have a right to defend our borders.

In the age of POTUS Donald Trump, however, the American Left no longer shares these once-common values, and nowhere is this more evident than in the so-called “mainstream” media.

As the president last week appeared to make good on his previous threat to allow part of the government to shut down if he did not get his requested $5 billion in border wall funding, a U.S. Air Force veteran who is a triple amputee had another idea: A GoFundMe drive.

Brian Kolfage said if the 63 million Americans who voted for POTUS Trump in 2016 would all chip in 80 bucks apiece, that would raise the $5 billion requested by the president with $40 million to spare. As of Friday morning, nearly 200,000 donors had pledged more than $11 million, CNN reported. 

“I’ve been receiving thousands of emails from citizens who have waited in line to become Americans and completed this process the legal way. They are so thankful for this,” he wrote in an email to the network. “They are giving and they are from both sides of the aisle, and that’s why this movement is growing so fast.”

Talk about direct citizen action. This is precisely the kind of involvement the Left has been encouraging!

Oh, but wait. They’ve been encouraging Americans to oppose the president, not support him or any of his initiatives — especially a wall. So this GoFundMe thing simply has to go away — at least according to the Washington Post’s tech policy reporter Tony Romm. (Related: Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers $155 billion per year… building a wall could pay for itself almost immediately.) (See WaPoop.news for more coverage of the Washington Post’s total failure at journalism.)

He is trying to get the page taken down.

An activist pretending to be a journalist

“So there’s an effort on GoFundMe to raise cash money for a border wall. Has more than $5M in donations (seeking $1B) and claims to have contacts in the Trump admin (have asked for more). But it got me thinking: is that, like, allowed on the site? (1/3),” he wrote Thursday in a mini-tweet storm.

“GoFundMe terms prohibit attempts to raise cash money rooted in ‘intolerance of any kind relating to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender identity, or serious disabilities or diseases,’ among other limits (2/3),” he continued. 

“So I asked GoFundMe if this wall fundraiser violates that. Spox: ‘This campaign does not violate our terms of service. The funds are safely held by our payment processor and we will work with the organizer to transfer funds’ or return them if target isn’t met (3/3),’” Romm wrote.

This is the state of the Left and especially the Leftist media in America today: Border security is akin to “intolerance,” “bigotry,” and “racism.” 

Romm went on to complain about the pushback he was receiving on social media. “The state of our discourse is such that this thread — which merely explores the funding campaign in the context of the site’s ToS — is a political lightning rod. Somehow the most boring legalese has turned into a rallying cry for a certain set of users to go on the attack,” he wrote.

But of course, he wasn’t just inquiring about GoFundMe’s terms of service; he was engaging in political activism while wearing his reporter costume in order to mask his intent and make his inquiry appear legitimate.

The Left — political leaders, the media, the commentariat — has repeatedly demonstrated they’re not interested in securing our borders. And they’re certainly not willing to just sit back and ‘allow’ a wall to be built. 

Read more about how the Left works to keep America’s borders wide open at OpenBorders.news.

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