Another massive lie by the mainstream media exposed as father of 7 year old migrant girl claims U.S. border agents NOT responsible for her death

Here’s a prediction: By the time POTUS Donald Trump’s second term ends in 2024 (yes, he’ll be re-elected), trust in the so-called “mainstream” media will have reached the lowest point it’s ever been in the history of our country — which is saying something because it’s already at rock-bottom.

Whatever credibility the press retained when POTUS took office will have been almost completely extinguished due to their unquenchable desire to blame everything negative on the president and his administration, even when (especially when) it is undeserved.

Case in point: The media quickly pointed fingers of blame at Customs and Border Protection agents for the death last week of a 7-year-old migrant girl from Guatemala who passed away ‘in CBP custody.’ The narrative was the same as it’s always been since the president took office and began enforcing all immigration laws: This was a cruel act by a cruel agency working on behalf of a cruel president.

Naturally, the usual suspects in the entertainment industry, academia, and Congress piled on, with Democrats all but accusing POTUS Trump of murder. But as it turns out, not a single border agent — and certainly no one in the administration — had anything to do with the girl’s death. Even her father says so.

As noted by Conservative Tribune, Guatemalan Consul Tekandi Paniagua relayed to the U.S. Border Patrol the account of the girl’s father, Nery Gilberto Caal, who said American officials “did everything they possibly could to help his daughter.” He also praised first responders — EMS in particular — for working hard to save his daughter, Jakelin Caal Maquin. A statement from his lawyers to the media noted that Nery Caal was “grateful for the many first responders that tried to save young Jakelin’s life in New Mexico and Texas.”

Amber Athey, the breaking news editor at The Daily Caller, tweeted that the Department of Homeland Security reported that Nery did not inform U.S. personnel his daughter had stopped breathing until they arrived at a remote Border Patrol station.

Rank dishonesty

But, as noted by Guy Benson at TownHall, the establishment press was quick to put the blame on the Trump administration; their mischaracterization of what happened was as much of an outrage as anything else. (Related: Border Patrol agent to media: Camp by river and ‘see how safe you are.’)

“The 7-year-old was excited about a new life in the U.S. Maybe she would get her first toy or learn to read. Instead, she died in Border Patrol custody,” the pathetic Indianapolis Star tweeted with a link to its story. 

Reuters reported: “U.S. government watchdog to probe child’s death after border arrest,” with the clear implication that it was the Border Patrol’s fault.

That story was retweeted by a Twitter user going by the handle AG, who added: “This is getting tiring. The clear implication here is that DHS did something wrong, but there is ZERO evidence of that so far. This is a real tragedy, but the little girl hadn’t eaten or drank anything for several days before she was taken into CBP custody.”

Democratic politicians were just as guilty. Erika Andiola, the former press secretary for Sen. Bernie Sanders, wrote on Twitter, “Her name was Jakelin Caal. Her and her dad were seeking asylum in the U.S. She died alone in the hielera. These inhumane facilities, commonly known as ‘hieleras,’ or iceboxes, is what the Border Patrol uses to hold migrants, including children, for days.”

She later deleted the tweet but not until it was shared by tens of thousands of others. And AG notes she didn’t post a correction to her outrageous lie, either.

There is no fib too big or too outrageous the Democrat-aligned media won’t tell if it means trashing POTUS Trump and, as a bonus, their own country.

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