Left-wing “journalists” have become full-on domestic terrorists: Journo-terrorism unleashed by HuffPo as it DOXES pro-Trump writer

After decades spent in the news business it’s difficult to see what some of our colleagues have become and what many new journalists just getting into the business are trained to be: A bastardized form of domestic terrorists who are willing to do anything — anything — to anybody who disagrees with their political, social, cultural or worldview.

The latest example of what Natural News founder Mike Adams calls “journo-terrorism” was committed by a disgusting excuse for a human being and a journalist — Luke O’Brien of the insanely Left-wing Huffington Post.

As reported by The Gateway Pundit, O’Brien targeted Amy Mek, a top pro-Trump writer and conservative voice on Twitter.

Mek, who is also highly critical of radical Islam, used to be anonymous on the social media platform, which she chose, no doubt because there are so many Left-wing crazies out there who would love to get their hands on her and choke the life out of her.

Now they may get that chance, and it’s thanks to horrible human O’Brien.

Recently he somehow discovered her true identity — Amy Jane Mekelburg — and then proceeded to tell readers all he could about who she is, where she’s from, and extensive details of her life.

He “doxxed” her, in other words, a made-up term by the perpetually angry Left that describes a process of releasing ally “documentation” about you to the general public, so you can be trolled, threatened, stalked, injured or perhaps even killed.

It gets worse

O’Brien, that piece of work, also outed Mekelburg’s husband, Salvatore “Sal” Siino, revealing as many details about him as he could learn. (Related: Left-wing lunacy turning Starbucks locations into homeless shelters full of drug users.)

The HuffPost journo-terrorist proceeded to weave a familiar narrative about Mekelburg and her husband that Trump supporters and conservatives can very easily identify with: She’s a homophobe, an Islamophobe, a bigot, a white supremacist, a neo-Nazi, and, for good measure, he made sure to claim she immediately jumped on the Trump Train after POTUS announced his candidacy in 2015 and “sounded Islamophobic notes.”

There’s more, but you get the point. It’s a lengthy piece and it’s full of conjecture, misrepresentations and outright lies. But that’s what passes for “journalism” at HuffPost.

But there’s even more. O’Brien, this disgusting guttersnipe, called Siino’s employer and had him fired.


That’s not journalism. That’s activism. And it’s journo-terrorism, all because he doesn’t like what Amy Mek has to say. And he’s willing to endanger her safety and her life over political disagreement.

This is today’s Left. These are the foot soldiers and enablers of today’s Democratic Party, which may as well end the charade and just rename itself the American Marxist Party — because its top officials, top politicians, and most ardent supporters are all flaming Marxists, period.

They don’t seek calm, rational debate with their political opponents. They don’t want compromise. They aren’t looking to meet us on the higher moral ground.

They want to destroy their political opponents, period.

The last time there was this much political and cultural rancor in the country, it was because Southern Democrats were attempting to keep blacks enslaved and were willing to tear the country apart to protect that “peculiar institution.” They wouldn’t compromise then and they’re not going to compromise now, proving once more the adage that, ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same.’

There are radicals in America, and the Democratic Party has mainstreamed them.

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J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentinel and a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

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